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Providing high quality for national and international market, with suppliers and highly trained personnel in the field handicrafts.


Become a leader in the export market high quality crafts with sustainable design innovation in time.


The production and sale of fur products from alpaca and sheep, artfully transformed into rugs, cushions, bed covers, decorative items and clothing accessories such as hats, stoles, jackets, slippers, etc.


Eco-efficiency, since we use alpaca leather, a raw material that other companies do not use and would go to waste if we did not give it the proper value, which then triggers sustainable benefits such as providing jobs for people and being a means to develop folk and typical art from our Southern Region (Arequipa, Puno and Cusco).

Sustainability, our supply is limited, to respect and be in harmony with the natural preservation of the alpaca, the leather used comes from natural mortality of offspring, mortality produced by sudden weather changes and the sacrifice for food (meat).

Andean Worldview or Weltanschauung and the respect for the natural balance with Mother Earth, this leads to the conservation of the specie, in this case the alpaca, as it is our source of life and identity.